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Sponsor a Nurse in the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Education Project                                                                                                             ( A World Relief Australia Project - )

Who we are and what we believe:

Sponsor a Youth in the Solomon Islands is a group of people dedicated to working with and for youth and their communities to help them reach their full educational potential.

We truly believe that, providing quality education for youth is the cornerstone for human progress. This project was formed with this purpose in mind, to work to overcome the obstacles that poverty, gender inequality, ignorance and illiteracy place on the developmental phases of a child's growth. We believe that we can advance the course of humanity by promoting and creating a constructive environment and well-resourced educational facilities for children in underprivileged societies within the Solomon Islands.

We believe education is a basic human right that all deserve. It is the key to unlock future opportunities. Giving vulnerable youth an education allows them to break out of the cycle of poverty, give them the chance to build their own future and provide support to their families and communities.

We believe it is important to enable youth to see themselves beyond their current conditions and circumstances.

“Placing literature in their hands” makes a connection to their daily lives, while at the same time expanding their thoughts and ideas regarding their own potential. Education will provide “hope for their future”.


Sponsor a Youth in the Solomon Islands's vision is to one day realize a world in which youth from developing parts of our world, including the Solomon Islands, have equal access to quality education in this era of global competitiveness.

The project envisions a world in which underprivileged youth would receive quality education in a constructive environment with well-resourced educational facilities. This would give them the opportunity to access the wide horizon of possibilities the world has to offer.


Solomon Island Education Project’s mission is to provide the means and access to quality education for youth of underprivileged communities in the Solomon Islands by the way of Educational Scholarships.

How it Works:


Youth who have finished High School and meet the Solomon Islands National University requirements are selected to do the Nursing Diploma Course. We selected youth who have a poverty background and unable to pay University fees. Many of these youth are from very poor villages and islands. When finished training they can then take their Nursing skills back and give Health Care.

Also money raised is also used to improve Nursing Education facilities at the Solomon Islands National University School of Nursing. 

"Sponsor a Youth in 

the Solomon Islands"

(Solomon Islands Education - SIEP project) is under the supervision of World Relief Australia. An Australian Government registered overseas relief and development organisation.