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Sponsor a Nurse in the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Education Project                                                                                                             ( A World Relief Australia Project - )


The Solomon Islands Education Project is now supporting Nurse training at the Solomon Islands National University by:-

- Sponsoring young women and men to study for the Nursing Diploma Course. Students selected are from a poverty background who financially would never be able to study at University. They pass university admission requirements and we then sponsor them to become Nurses. They will then be able to return to their village clinics or work at Hospitals and provide Health Care. We currently have two young female nurses sponsored.

- Improving Nursing School educational facilities. This includes the upgrade of the Nursing School Library with textbooks and installation of a new Computer Classroom.

You can support Nursing in the Solomon Islands by donating here. (All donations are tax deductible in Australia) : 

Currently, the Solomon Islands lack an adequate supply of trained healthcare workers including nurses and doctors. There are only two trained doctors for every 10,000 people in the Solomon Islands, a country which is comprised of more than 900 islands, separated by seas and volcanic mountains.

The area is prone to horrific natural disasters such as cyclones, earthquakes and heavy rain and floods, which often drives droves of people to clinics and hospitals. However, there are only 12 hospitals over the 900 islands and only 340 health care clinics to serve the rural population. Often there have been disease outbreaks like dengue fever, malaria and emerging chikungkunya which have left the health system in shambles with insufficient health workers.

“ Imagine spending your entire weekly food budget on a hours long truck ride along bumpy and dusty dirt roads in tropical heat when you are sick or pregnant to reach a nearby clinic just to find there is only one nurse and no doctor? “This is often the case in the Solomon Islands. Unfortunately, people including the young die easily there from a disease that we would normally get better from with our health care in Australia

More nurses and better medical knowledge will help improve health care in the Solomon Islands